Track record 2019

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Nord (59), Mayenne (53) and Oise (60)
Portfolio of three office and business premises in the departments of Nord (59), Mayenne (53) and Oise (60). 6000 m2 of buildings. 7.5 year firm lease for the office building. Operation carried out on behalf of an institutional. 8% Yield.
Vendée (85)
Site linked to the A83, a property complex consisting of five buildings for mixed use, developing nearly 2000 m2 of surface area on a two-hectare site.
The complex is fully leased to a national group. WALB: 3 years. Rate of return deed in hand: 9.1%.
Rennes (35)
Within one of the three major economic zones, a property complex of two mixed-use buildings, covering an area of 1,500 m2 on a 5,000 m2 plot.
The office building has been extended one time.  Possible extension of the storage building.
The whole property is fully rented. Rate of return deed in hand: 8.45%.
Nancy (54)
To the south, in a commercial area, a mixed-use building around 3,000 m2 on a 4,000 m2 plot. WALB: 4 years. Conversion of the site in the long term given the commercial potential around it. Deed-in-hand yield rate greater than 9%.
Melun sector (77)
In the 2nd business park of the department, mixed-use property consisting of five buildings (3,500 m2) on a plot of land of about 2 hectares. The rent of 10€ HT-HC/m2/year should promote a significant valorisation of the site in the long term. 100% leased, generating a return of 6% deed in hand.
Toulon sector (83)
A warehouse fully leased to a European leader in distribution
(30,000 employees). The building covers an area of approximately 5,000 m2 on a plot of land of nearly one hectare.
A nine-year firm lease was renewed in April 2019. Building under ten-year construction guarantee.
Rent per m2 : 100€HT-HC/year.
Rate of return deed in hand: 6.8%.
Toulon sector (83)
Office building rented to the Post Office and the General Council.
WALB : 2 years. 
Toulon sector (83)
Building rented from the Maison départementale des personnes handicapées (MDPH) with a firm six-year lease.
WALB : 4 years

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