Track record 2017

Description Visualisation
Caen (14)
Re-development to be done in the forward business park, portfolio sale with the above transaction of Saint Etienne. Land of 12,000 m² including 2,200 m² of buildings. 8% Yield.
Rennes (35)
Mixed building with restructuring of the term office part. Transfer to a private individual following the sale of the company. Land 5000 m2.
Miribel (Lyon 69)
Sale of assets to a senior manager. Associate legal counsel (dismantling of two SCIs).
Land of 5,000 m² including 340 m² of buildings. 8% Yield.
Limoges (87)
Portfolio of two buildings, business premises and land to be developed. Land of 5,000 m² including 340 m² of buildings. 8% Yield.
Bordeaux area (33)
Land of nearly 3 hectares with 2,600 m2 of building. 7.5% Yield.
Pontoise (95) 
Along the expressway, a 6-year firm lease, possible development with the neighbour. Land 6000m2. 1,300 m2 of building. 8% Yield.
Saint-Etienne (42)
Building in its last year of ten years. Asset transaction, transfer to an institutional. Land of 12,000 m² including 2,200 m² of buildings. 8% Yield.
Lyon area
Real estate complex for business use. Land 3000 M2. Residual constructability. 8% Yield.
Melun (77)
Sale of assets to a senior manager. Advice for financing. Land of 7,000m² including 900 m² of buildings. 9% Yield.
Calais (62)
Re development of four hectares of land with the city and a developer.
Dreux (28)
Asset sale to a local company owner. Land of 10,000 m² including 1,200 m² of buildings. 8% Yield.
Chambéry (73)
Business premises with a firm 6-year lease as of September 2017, a CAC 40 company. Land of 12 000 m² including 1 500 m² of buildings. 7.5% Yield.
Ruoms (Ardèche 07)
Business premises with a firm lease for 6 years. CAC 40 company. 10% Yield.
Pau (64)
Offices in a commercial area between hotel, Quick and DIY space. Land of 2700 m2. 9% Yield.
La Rochelle  (17)
Land of one hectare to redevelop, 5-year lease with single tenant. 9% Yield.
Brignoles (83)
Activity building of 600 M2 on a 3500 m2 focal point. 8% Yield.
Paris 15
Sector office Tour Montparnasse. 5% Yield

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